PASKLE has proven models to leverage on staffing capabilties developed a niche which are recognized by Analysts, Clients and Industry bodies for delivering transformative solutions over the years. The transformation success are a result of the ability to offer technology and outsourcing solutions, innovative client engagement models, diversified service offerings adaptable to client business meeting the expectations. Paskle's Staffing services enable hiring and delivery functions to achieve quick turnaround (TAT), automation and build digital hiring exposure thus building effieciency and achieve cost saving.

In the year's to come, Paskle is planning for a 'Digital Hiring Center' in its Bengaluru centre with the new age hiring methodologies and unique digital platform to its existing clientele, the new prospects willing to hire talent globally.

The hiring behaviour science tells, when you meet a prospective candidate for the first time, decide to hire within first 60 seconds and validate the decision during the course of interview for fitment. Digital Resume Builder will align the hiring needs to deliver these services to various delivery locations across the globe.    

Going forward Paskle will focus on reducing the operational costs by over 40 percent and enhancing productivity considerably thus adding value to clients across the globe.