Paskle is setting up the state of art DigiPod at Bengaluru and will eventually will set up in other locations, DigiPod is a digital center to build resume online, Paskle’s experienced professionals will guide the entire process with high end Video camera. The platform provides to summarize and demonstrate the information that you would use on a text resume, including education, work history, major accomplishments, and other important facts. In today’s digital world Paskle envisage digital resumes are next Gen recruitment, Unlike paper resumes digital portfolio will help in decision making in quick intervals to avoid longer time lines, of course, when it’s done, most let you both download a copy of your resume and host a copy of it on your private resume web page / site. Paskle brings the digital experience to your resume! 

The Digital Platform allow the viewer access to Facebook, Google+, Twitter and LinkedIn Profiles.  It allows accessing the resume in PDF or Word format.

DigiPod ®

Welcome to the world of Digital Resume world and portfolio!

Paskle’s Digital Resume Builder adopts future resumes - DigiPod ® an online digital platform for recruitment, it helps to maintain your digital resume and portfolio, access from today’s Smart Phone, Tab, Laptop and Virtual Desktop.

Our mission is to create a digital resume platform to enable professionals to choose their career and demonstrate their expertise and accomplishments, decisive approach and focus towards continuous improvement ∞ Prabhu Kumar, Paskle, Founder & CEO.

What Is a Digital Resume— and IT’s time You Need ONE? 

A ‘Digital Resume’ contains graphic representations of your key attributes and skills to make a better impact, All “Digital Resume” really means you’ll have something powerful to support your work.

To make sure it’s complete, one to have video, include samples of your work, and just as with any resume you’ll have to use care and consideration in composing it. Paskle’s team will help in composing world class Digital Resume online. 


* The flexibility of creating a Digital Resume is that it also functions as a digital portfolio in demonstrating and creating professional Digital Resume and job search, Paskle’s Digital Resume Builder, an online digital platform automates the hiring process and simplifies recruitment. Portfolios are all about the work – the focus on demonstrating quality content and relevant information.

Do you need help crafting a world class digital brand resume? Please contact the Product Innovation Center at Bengaluru: 

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